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We specialise in Kidney care.

Nephrology -

Dialysis : Separate 10 bedded dialysis unit divided on two floors. Trained & experienced technical staff. Home comfort, Air-conditioned, Television equipped, specially designed dialysis for the comfort of our patients. Read more...

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Plasma Phersis / exchange: ...

Kidney biopsy : ...

Dialysis Assess Solutions:

Permanent & temporary dialysis assess / AV Fistula - regularly done.

Urology -

Successfully completed 550 surgeries since 2014

Kidney & Bladder Stones / Bladder Cancers / Prostate related surgeries / Paediatric Renal surgeries

Evaluation of  metabolic disorders leading to stone formation


450gms (large as a Cricket Ball) Bladder stone operated, as it is, in 2016 - News out in Sakal, Solapur.